Pets in New Bern, NC

No matter what kind of animal care or service is needed, the pets in New Bern are well taken care of thanks to a community full of dog parks, kennels, boarding facilities, grooming services, pet shops and lots more. The expansive list of pets services includes several pet stores, both large and small, that offer everything from grooming and minor check-ups to gourmet treats and unique toys. Several pet care services will also come to your home to walk dogs and groom them. Additionally, there are several New Bern organizations that work to establish pet rescue and placement initiatives that ensure animals are vaccinated and placed in loving homes.

Featured Local Businesses

Pet Care Services

Animal Shelters-Adoption-Welfare Societies

1860 Old Airport Rd
New Bern, NC 28562
(252) 633-0146

For the last 32 years, Colonial Capital Humane Society has served Craven County with a licensed no-kill cat shelter and pet fostering services, staffed entirely by volunteers. Colonial Capital provides spay and neutering services, free pet food and adoption and foster home opportunities. Through their website, the Humane Society accepts applications for adoption...more about Colonial Capital Humane Society

1639 Old Airport Rd.
New Bern, NC 28562
(252) 637-4606

Finding a new pet with the spaying or neutering complete and rabies shots up to date is as simple as visiting the Craven-Pamlico Animal Services Center in New Bern. Further, because of a terrific partnership of the Craven County Environmental Health Department with Craven Correctional Institution called New Leash for Life,...more about Craven-Pamlico Animal Services Center

P.O. Box 493
Maysville, NC 28555
(252) 422-6770

Safe Harbor Farm is a nonprofit organization serving rescued dogs and cats, but does not generally accept animals from the private sector. It sponsors kindness clinics for caretakers of needy animals with low-cost spay-neuter clinics run entirely by volunteers and donations. Those eligible include low-income families, families with three or more...more about Safe Harbor Farm


4385 U.S. Hwy. 17 S
New Bern, NC
(252) 636-5040

Animal Care Center of New Bern offers boarding services for cats and dogs, each in separate air-conditioned areas. The staff also provides bathing for dogs and gentle cats as part of the boarding. Animal Care has complete veterinarian services and sells prescription pet foods and supplies....more about Animal Care Center of New Bern

1804 S. Glenburnie Rd.
New Bern, NC
(252) 633-3933

The Pet Spa offers boarding for dogs and cats. Each guest enjoys a private run, and owners may purchase pet foods and supplies, grooming, baths and nail maintenance. All grooming and care are equally available to those needing services only. Next door, Ridgeway Animal Clinic provides full veterinary assistance....more about The Pet Spa

1804 S. Glenburnie Rd.
New Bern, NC
(252) 633-1204

Ridgeway Animal Clinic provides complete veterinarian services. The Pet Spa next door offers boarding with private runs for dogs and cats. Owners may purchase pet foods and supplies, grooming services, baths and nail maintenance for pets being boarded or for pets needing services only....more about Ridgeway Animal Clinic

250 Zeb Rd.
New Bern, NC
(252) 636-5225

Since 1974 Weller Kennels has provided to New Bern pet owners, boarding, training and professional care for dogs. Dogs have heated and cooled indoor/outdoor runs. A local vet is on call 24 hours a day to address any issues that might come up. With 31 years of dog-training experience for all...more about Weller Kennels and Dog Obedience


New Bern pet owners find several businesses specializing in pet trims and grooming. Some veterinarian offices also provide such services. Picking up a happy, freshly bathed pet at one of New Bern's grooming services is a pleasure hard to beat.

2503 Neuse Blvd.
New Bern, NC
(252) 637-PAWS (7297)

Paw 'n Claws is a pet-grooming studio operating by appointment. Full-service pet care includes baths, clipper work, and nail and ear cleaning for non-aggressive dogs....more about Paws 'n Claws

Parks and Places to Walk Your Pet

New Bern waterfront and historic district, in fact most New Bern neighborhoods, are wonderful places to enjoy walking with leashed pets. For the master and mistress, beautiful homes, lovely gardens, great old trees and plentiful water vistas provide interest. For the pet, shrubbery and undergrowth carry calling cards from any number of previous visitors and frequent stops yield a wealth of information. Of course, every area requires responsible clean-up after pets, and any pet shop can provide tools to keep walkways pleasant for all. Finally, New Bern has a designated Dog Park at 340 Glenburnie Drive where canine friends love to meet.


New Bern, NC
(252) 229-1390

Images by Rodger provides professional photography services for all occasions. Rodger specializes in pet portraits. Sittings for pets or for people may be arranged at a special site or at home if that is more comfortable or convenient for the subject....more about Images by Rodger

1301 Forest Dr.
New Bern, NC
(252) 633-5918

Larry Conley can create a keepsake portrait of a special occasion, a family pet or a family. This professional photographer works with subjects at his studio or is happy to arrange for a portrait at clients' homes or another special site. A phone call is all it takes to make an...more about Photography by Larry Conley, Inc.

Sitting, Transportation, Day Care and Walkers

New Bern, NC
(252) 633-1998

Offering services to residents of New Bern and the immediate surrounding area, Pet Nanny provides the kind of attention every pet deserves. The bonded and insured service, licensed in New Bern, is a member of Pet Sitters International. In-house care means dogs, cats and even ferrets are walked and fed and...more about Pet Nanny

Trainers and Training

250 Zeb Rd.
New Bern, NC
(252) 636-5225

Weller offers 33 years of professional dog-training experience and care for all breeds. The couple trains and breeds dogs, specializing in AKC champion bloodline black, yellow and chocolate Labrador retrievers, Chesapeake Bay retrievers and golden retrievers. The Dog Obedience classes on the 20-acre farm set up for training dogs, provide basic,...more about Weller Kennels and Dog Obedience

Pet Food and Supplies

1610 U.S. Hwy. 70 E
New Bern, NC
(252) 638-4499

Whether for a business or a home, Aquatic Consultants can install an amazing saltwater aquarium and provide full maintenance. These professionals set up, stock and handle the regular care of the aquarium or provide a new owner with the information necessary to handle the system. The company also leases aquarium tanks...more about Aquatic Consultants

2636 Dr. M. L. King Jr. Blvd.
New Bern, NC 28562
(252) 637-3997

Pet lovers enjoy this shop at Berne Square Shopping Center and the sister store in Havelock. Everything for pet lovers includes pets, food, treats, care products, toys, leashes, crates and medication along with gifts and accessories. Staff is knowledgeable and glad to help customers locate exactly what they need....more about Bill's Pet Shop

2411 Trent Rd.
New Bern, NC
(252) 637-5881

Based in Greenville, Invisible Fencing has been serving the New Bern area for 16 years. This company can help anyone having trouble with a wandering pet. Invisible Fencing call install underground wiring systems to handle just about any size yard. The company takes time to train the client, who in turn...more about Invisible Fencing of Eastern North Carolina

2029 S. Glenburnie Rd.
New Bern, NC
(252) 637-6604

This store offers a wonderful selection of bird products and gifts. Wild Birds Unlimited features bird feeders for every wild bird, native and passing through. Shelves present bird baths and purple martin houses along with bird-themed mailbox covers, flags and foods to attract feathered friends. Staff is knowledgeable and glad to talk...more about Wild Birds Unlimited

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