Senior Lifestyles and Retirement in New Bern, NC

With nearly 2,000 retirees choosing New Bern, NC each year as their retirement destination, senior lifestyles in this historical riverfront town are active, rich in culture and well protected through medical services. Populated with many people that bought second homes during the housing boom that now serve as their primary retirement home, retirees work tirelessly to preserve New Bern's beauty and history. 

Choosing the ideal place to retire means choosing  a place like New Bern, NC, which offers a full calendar of enriching activities that specifically cater to senior lifestyles. Made even more attractive by New Bern's rich cultural history, mild climate, relatively low cost of living, beautiful surroundings and friendly people, there's no wonder why New Bern's retirement community continues to grow year after year. Active retired citizens enjoy fishing, golfing, sailing, hiking and boating with easy commutes from anywhere in the river city. Gardeners appreciate the year-round growing season, while the colonial setting of the city and the wide range of social, cultural and recreational activities make retirement in New Bern very attractive.

New residents find the city's regional hospital, doctors' offices, shopping centers, sports facilities, quality restaurants and numerous religious organizations important factors in making the decision to relocate for retirement. Those who decide to move to New Bern are more likely to bring others than to leave.

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